Suitable for recording up to 60 players at once, Fraser Performance Studio boasts a 1800 square foot space with a 28' ceiling. Designed for isolation, absorption and diffraction, it is a "room within a room" with a floating floor resiliently mounted on a concrete slab which isolates the studio from the building.


Acoustically treated fiberglass walls allow for low frequency absorption, while a high ceiling provides additional sound diffraction. 2 ISO booths provide additional recording capabilities.

Recording ensembles of up to 60 musicians or 100 vocalists is easily handled in the live room, which measures an enormous 60' by 38' with a 22' arched ceiling. This former Masonic lodge features beautiful architectural detailing, and is the largest studio recording space in New England. 


It features a great ambient room sound with concert hall acoustics as well as 2 isolation rooms. Film/TV and video game scoring and mix-to-picture projects are displayed in high-definition on the 100" screen.


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