Plays: Big Violin

Hometown: Tarnów, Poland

What ensembles have you played in that have shaped your career as a performing and recording cellist? 


I began my artistic career in Poland, after graduating from the Frederic Chopin University of Music. As a member of The Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra for many years, I was privileged to perform with top musicians and sharpen my talent working with the best conductors and performers in Poland. Having the opportunity to participate in many various projects allowed me to become a session cellist for big companies  and private recordings. Thus, my love for recordings began.


In 2008, I became a member of The Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra, established by Order of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, for the most outstanding young Polish musicians.


I traveled the world with this ensemble, and had the great fortune to perform in the most prestigious surroundings and work with outstanding artists. 

You've come a long way from Poland. What drove you to make a life in Boston?


My passion for traveling brought me from Europe through Asia to the United States. As a musician, I wanted to expand my horizons and continue my education in New England where in 2014 I graduated from The Boston Conservatory. That was the time I started my adventure with East Coast Scoring. When I first recorded with them, I felt at home! I love everything about East Coast Scoring, especially the gift of working with such elite talent. Every project I take on allows me to grow as an artist, in a society of  professional individuals. I have found a perfect fit for myself and I am very grateful and proud to be a part of this community. 

Tell us a little bit about your instrument, and its history with you.


Every musician is bonded to his/her instrument.  It is treated with tender loving care as if it were a child. My story began in a high school, when my parents bought me my first instrument, my cello. It was not love at first practice, I needed time to adhere. This cello was brand new, made in 1999 by a Polish luthier, Jan Bobak and I was a first time owner.  Mr. Bobak’s store was situated in one of the most beautiful localities of my country, the Polish mountains. I usually say that my cello is moody and stubborn just like its owner as it sounds different every day and has many shades and colors. But I have traveled the world with it and I just love my cello! It is truly my best friend.

What are two interesting facts about yourself?


I used to play in The Comedy Theater in Warsaw working as actress and cellist. In 2011, the Play called “The Pocket Orchestra” that I took part in won the first prize in a very prestigious Korczak competition. Working in the theater was one of the most exciting professional experiences of my life. 


I am also a teacher, which consists of tutoring private cello lessons for gifted individuals. I also hold two positions as a Chamber Music Coach at the Community Music Center of Boston, and teach at the Boston Latin Academy.


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