Will I have to make any royalty/backend/secondary payments once the session has been completed?

You will never have to make royalty/backend/secondary payments for any recordings made with East Coast Scoring! All work is done on a buyout contract, which means that you walk away with music that is entirely yours to do with as you wish. We do, however, reserve the right to use the music for demo and portfolio purposes provided that any agreed-upon period of confidentiality has ended.

Can I record with a click track, prerecorded guide tracks and/or sequenced music?

Yes you can. In the latter two of these situations, a click track will be required. You may prepare the audio click track and MIDI tempo map yourself, or hire us to do it for you! If you prepare it yourself, keep in mind that the bar numbers on the score and the tempo map must line up.

Can I conduct my own session?

Absolutely. For composers with minimal session conducting experience, though, it may be advisable to use one of several conductors that we can provide.

May I take pictures and video at the session?

Yes you may! It would be wise to refrain from taking pictures in the live room while any recording is going on, as this can create noise that the microphones will pick up. If you wish to have the session captured on video, you may work with our preferred and reasonably-priced camera crew. If you wish to have your own crew at the session, that is also permissible, except in open/group-recording sessions, where only one crew will be allowed to be present.

I don't need a whole orchestra. Can I record a string quartet or some other configuration of instruments with you?

Of course! In addition to extensive orchestral playing experience, many of our members are active in the chamber music community and perform modern works in and around the Greater Boston area. They will handle small ensemble situations very well.

What kind of stems will I get from you? Do I have mic options with what we're recording?

Typically, for orchestral recordings, you will receive Decca Tree and Room Mic Stems (3 each), in addition to Spot Mic stems for sections and/or individual players depending on the musical content. The stems will be organized by take number. If you work in Nuendo (WGBH) or Pro Tools (Futura), we can also send the entire project over.


If you wish to choose the type of mics you want, you will be sent a list of mics available at the studio, and a list of mics available for rent externally, should you need one. You may be as specific as you wish.


I know that this is a more expensive option, but what advantage do I have by going with you?

“More expensive” is really relative when you have some service providers offering 99 dollar sessions and those who charge prices that only high budget film and game productions can afford. We charge a fairly low price considering that most of our musicians have a minimum of a masters’ degree from a reputable conservatory, and a great deal of ensemble experience (see About). 


We are offering this lower price in order to draw attention to Boston as a recording destination, and in all likelihood, the price will increase within the next couple of years. It’s a balancing act of attracting the best musicians while also offering composers great value.


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