Plays: Sideways Whistle

Hometown: Ivoryton, Connecticut

What ensembles have you played in that have shaped your career as a performing and recording flautist? (Any anecdotes would be good)


Woodwind players get to sit in the most special place in the orchestra. Behind the strings and in front of the percussion and brass, we are entirely surrounded by the rest of the musicians, so it feels like we are in an ocean of sound.  


One of the first times I experienced this was during a high school music festival. I was only playing second flute; I didn’t have to worry about fancy solos or showy passages, and I suddenly realized how incredibly lucky I was to be sitting where I was. The sound around me was almost tangible, leaving me feeling simultaneously safe and powerful.  As I studied music over the years, I was able to relive that experience over and over again.  


Some of my favorite performing experiences have been in small chamber ensembles.  Working in a chamber music setting involves incredible attention to detail and thoughtful collaboration with other musicians. In addition, several of the groups I have played in have afforded me the opportunity to work closely with both young and experienced composers.  


As East Coast Scoring records music ranging from small chamber pieces to larger works requiring a full orchestra, I draw from both my orchestral and chamber experiences.  


It is a privilege and a joy to work with the talented musicians of the East Coast Scoring orchestra.  


Tell us a little bit about your instrument, and its history with you.


I almost played the French horn, actually.  Before I finalized that decision at the ripe old age of nine, my mother took me for a lesson with a friend of hers who was a flute teacher.  Her name was Barbara Devine, and she really was divine.  Under her guidance, I immediately felt a connection with the flute, and I never looked back. 


Today, I play a Brannen flute and a Keefe piccolo. Both of my instruments were made by Jan Kinmonth, who worked at Brannen Brothers Flutemakers before becoming one of the piccolo makers for Keefe Piccolos.  These instruments have a wide range of expressive capabilities, and I feel so fortunate to be able to use them to explore the music I play. 


Tell us 2 interesting facts about yourself!


My two cats are named Bizet and Berlioz, and they know how to give high fives. Despite their names, they hate it when I practice at home.

I love to read.  There’s no better feeling than curling up with a book on a rainy day (ideally with a mug of hot chocolate and a plate of Oreos).  


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